Islet Paradise

This was just the perfect way to end my summer. My last beach before my week start of work was an islet trip to bogo, then to this private islet called Capitancillo.
Only a few of the people I know are familiar with this piece of beauty. What are they missing? Well the crystal clear ocean is what’s amazing about this place. It’s already similar to the color of the swimming pool! Haha It may not be made of the most perfect white sand, but you can’t resist the feeling of just taking a dip into the clean ocean. haha Quite amazing. Plus, once you go snorkeling just a few flips ahead, a scene of fishes is something you will be able to discover. FYI, watch out for the cliff! ;) As early as 11am, under the scorching heat of the summer sun, I was the first of all of my friends to dive in! Yes, with no regrets. :)
The islet has these little nipa huts for some shade, as well as cement-formed chairs to sit. There are parts of this island too that are made from old building ruins with a lighthouse that separates all of them. There’s a saying that the island’s sand transfers at some points where it can be located at the west area. We were lucky to have it low on the east where there was the perfect huge big tree for shade + our sugba place.
What was also great about this trip was, we were the only group on that island! It was like an islet for a day.. all ours. Except the kuya fisherman’s who were staying on the sides to accompany us.. still it was one great experience to have one whole islet all ours. Thanks to eric, we were able to visit this amazing destination. :)
our grocery food, lunch meal of 5-6kilos of porkbelly, beer and all that sort, the gas for the trip going and back, our pump boat ride back and forth, plus diving = SCORE! It was all worth it!! :)
Here are a few more photos of the islet!
How tempting is this? Right? :)
It’s also a great spot for photo shoots, just suggesting ;)
Look at the clear blue water!
I couldn’t resist something like this!
Also the trip wouldn’t be that special without your group of friends to accompany you on this amazing journey. This was something epic and of course a place we will never forget. We promise to come back here, maybe an overnight with tents would work out for us. 1 day isn’t enough!
We were able to buy 1 fresh yummy huge baby giant squid! Haha Only for 180php.
Thanks kuya fisherman! :)
Our epic lunch!
Nothing else can be way more perfect than this day. Capitancillo, thank you!
You guys should try and visit this islet.. it’s one of a kind! One great way to end my summer before I hit serious work mode :)
*Credits to Eric Canama for the Capitancillo view shots ;)
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Camotes Island

Finally after a month of waiting for my beach escapade, I had this one with my family. Hello Camotes! Had to wake up as early as 6am in the morning to have a road trip to Danao since that was where the place was located. Slept during the whole ride though, then woke up to the scorching heat of the sun. Had the 9am boat ride to Camotes, slept again, and woke up just in time to see the bright sunshine greeting us to the Camotes island.
It was a good thing that we brought the car, and we headed next to the Mangodlong Resort where we were going to check – in since mom planned us for an overnight stay. :) After dropping off our things from the resort, mother wanted to take a tour through the whole island! Yes, since it was too hot for swimming time my mom wanted to visit the different resorts as well as the different tourist spots in Camotes. I didn’t know what was wrong with me during those hourly times of adventure but from all the 5 hotspots that we visited, I only got out of the car for 3 spots. I mostly fell asleep because of the long ride and because of the heat that was almost, killing me. My favorite spot of all was of course — lunch :)
Oh yes this was the perfect meal for us 4 in the family. Had sweet and sour fish, pork belly, bbq and chopsuey :) This redeemed at last my energy that we finished every single bit of delicacy that was on the table.
By the time we finished we still took the last 2 spots that mom wanted to visited. Since it was our first time in Camotes, we passed by the church and thanked the lord for a safe trip and also for the blessings. It was good we had a map with us, though the place had week signage for directions we were still able to get back to the resort by sunset. And the view was breathtaking :)
We were able to head over to the nearest cliff and had our photo taken by sunset. Though the picture is quite close to an epic fail (forgive me for my camera lens, it would make the quality much better) the photo of us 3 was just perfect :)
After a few minutes we took a 1 hour dip in the pool since it was too dark to take a swim at the sea so we decided to move it to tomorrow’s activity. By sundown of course we wouldn’t want to miss our dinner. Mom made a reservation at the only hut where we could see the view of the whole resort and the mangodlong shorline as well. It was beautiful :)
After this fruitful dinner, we were also exhausted from the adventure that we had today. My family and I slept as early as 10pm Look at that? Plus, there was nothing else to do. Why? Here’s a pinch of information for you about Camotes : If you want to get away from work and problems, camotes is the place to be, since you won’t have any kind of communication with the out door city because of no signal for globe and sun subscribers. Well, I won’t say that its the whole island, but major spots in Camotes don’t have signal for these networks, while ofcourse Smart survives this adventure.
So why stay awake? I decided to dive into dream land and of course after the next 8-9 hours, Camotes welcomed us with again the happy sunshine calling our bodies to get up and it’s time for some beach swim loving! :)
The heat never stopped my sister, mom and I since we wanted to get a tan so bad that what I got after 5 hours of swimming under the heat of the sun was = SUNBURN. But what this sunburn got me through was the highest level of fun and excitement. This island brought me just clear space for fun with the family. The clean white sand, clear water, and just right ahead you could already see the fishes in different colors. I snorkeled most of the time since I couldn’t keep my eyes of the underwater beauty.
Camotes, you are one amazing treat!
Now this Cebuana island girl can’t explain how much I have enjoyed this place and from a rate of 1-10 I give this destination a 10! They have great food, very friendly people that helped us everytime we were lost during the joyride, and the salt water beach was worth the swim despite the scorching heat. Finally I got the tan I wanted, black is beautiful :)
Thank you Camotes for the amazing experience, worth another return!
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Yes, I am finally and officially employed! Last month I decided to apply for a job since I couldn’t imagine myself waiting around for the whole month of June waiting for graduation day. So I had to wake myself up and find the best productive solution to help myself.. find a JOB. I had to go through all the paper work first which was absolutely, tiring with all the SSS and NBI clearance papers, whew waking up early was a burden. (Goes to show I’ve been a summer bum for the past month) So I cleared my head an inserted opportunity inside my brain and started applying online. I’ve been through the helpful websites like Mynnimo and Jobstreet who help Cebuana’s also people all over the Philippines the latest hiring and careers available.
I applied to so many different companies, I even gave in to the website in order to find freelance work in case no company would take in fresh graduates at this point. I am still checking this one out though in case, in my spare time, I might get some freelance work on hand when I can.. On practicality basis, my salary might not be enough for me so it’s easier to have an extra job to earn more savings. :) But in summary of it all, a company did take me in.. and this was the first company I sent an application to, I am officially a Graphic Artist at Xlibris. :)
My first day will start this Monday, 2 more days. I’m quite nervous on how this is going to go and how I can get along with everyone. It’s like another fresh new environment for me, this time in my hometown. It’s the same feeling when I moved to Manila 4 years ago, and here it is happening all over again. Nonetheless, I still hope for the best! Time to encounter new challenges and of course to earn a new round of expanding my social environment = new friends!
Good luck to me, and I can say God is good for this blessing :)
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What’s Next?

Guess what’s up next for me? An opportunity that I couldn’t miss. Of course it’s summer and that I don’t have school to attend to anymore, I found the free time to attend to this photo shoot for *wink* I have no say now, but I’m sure this will be out soon. Watch out for it ladies, I’m sure you guys will love what this shoot has in store for you!
I have to keep it hush hush now ;)
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Little Temptations

For my first month here in Cebu I would like to share with you a few temptations that I was able to spend with friends for the past days. This is what I call food ;)
One place I would like to share where I think it’s a place that is a must try. Welcome to Cul-de-Sac =) This is located at Sto.Nino Village, Cebu. I had a dinner date with again my cousin Anna, my friend Kim, and with Eric. Their menu with a range from 100-300 peso budget is worth the meal with big servings and deliche meal, their cornered restaurant that was based in a home then transformed into a restaurant, was a visit for many Cebuanos because of the yummy meals!
I forgot to take a photo of our meals but I had fish that night and of course we enjoyed the night with each others company.
Next lemme share to you a NFF that I just met recently and I highly appreciate, Kim Dizon! For the past few days here in Cebu, the duties I do every week is to take my sister to her piano classes every Monday and Thursday, then her swimming classes every Tue, Wed and Friday and all of this starts at 4pm. On one day Kim decided to tag along as I took my sister to her swimming classes at Casino Espanol. :)
And to top all the waiting for an hour as my sister does her swimming lessons, we decided to have a temptation food trip!! Yum!

In order to purchase this, since we weren’t members of the club we had to purchase coupons for us to order. In fairness, their food was well presented + yummy. It was great to our heart’s delight! Pasta, Clubhouse sandwhich, plus Porkbelly perfect meal for us three!
Lastly, nothing beats dessert with a pinch of cold yumminess to surpass Cebu’s heat. Oh yes, my lover and I had our random trip to chowking because of his craving, Halo – Halo :) Pinoy’s specialty!
Am I making you guys hungry already? ;) Maybe you guys would want to grab a midnight snack! go! haha
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Exiled to Leyte

Hello Leyte! As scared as I thought that I would be exiled to this place, I just had to visit this place to fix some family plans regarding our 1 hectare land here in Leyte. But before we reached Leyte, we had our journey from road trip to the official boat ride together with the Avenido Family. First we had to heat to the pier before our 9pm set trip. Headed off by 630 pm and got to the boat. Luckily we got tickets for tourist class and it was air conditioned! I almost died from the heat at the pier because of the many people also headed for different provinces. We had to get ready for a 6-7 hour travel.
By the time we arrived of course I needed sleep since I bonded most of those 4-6 hours bonding with my cousins. To elaborate more on the experience when I got to Leyte, it was one heck of an overnight. I joined this trip to represent my mom since she had to work during the overnight date set for Leyte. What was so inefficient with my Leyte survival was this:
1. No water (only runs at 4pm)
2. PMS STARTED (worst moment to happen ever in a provincial place with utmost heat + no water)
3. Bored to death (I wish I brought my laptop)
These 3 top things just ruined my stay in Leyte. What a timing that I started pms-ing that I just couldn’t take the heat plus I had that feeling plus the place where we had to stay in (rented rooms) their bed had no foam. Said hello to an aching back the next day. So sweet of my cousins to actually get me water at night so that I could wash up because of my pms-ing. They understood! haha Even my aunt said she would never come back to Inopacan Leyte especially with the loss of water. It would be fine if our pump at our Leyte home was still available, yet manoy had to take it away for some reason I don’t know why. Most of the day all I did was lay in bed and played card games just to kill time. And also what spared my day was that I was able to view Leyte beach. :)
I think this was the only place I appreciated at Leyte, what a perfect sunset. :) Then after a few hours on the next day we had to work on a few papers that I and my auntie’s needed to handle for our 1 hectar land. A few problems came up along a few talks around the place regarding our land but we had to leave for the next boat ride since we had limited time. What’s interesting with our 1 hectare land? It reached the ocean part where I think someday, when the future extends, maybe my family and I can put up a beach house someday? :P
Hello Leyte and again goodbye Leyte! It was an experience that I will never forget! :P

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2 years and counting

Since May 14,2011 we have reached our 2 year anniversary and I’m sure we’re still counting for us to last forever <3 As the usual monthsaries and anniversaries may go we spent our day having a date. We spent it earlier though since I had to leave for Leyte on the 14th so our date on May 12th was great. By the way, that’s a Ferrero rose kind that eric gave as a sweet little gift that I very much appreciated. Sweet of you lalav <3
With our dinner we had it at Krua Thai, Thai specialty! :) I had a craving at first to try the Marco Polo buffet since it was delisyoso, but I also had the craving for some Thai dinner. My lover went with anything I wanted so we went for Krua Thai! :) We had these 3 meals all good for i think around 700pesos and it gave us full tummies! I was quite disappointed with the soup though (middle) not what i expected, but the fish (left) and krua thai’s specialty rice (right) saved up for it! :)
It was oh so yum, and almost that whole night we watched the preview of the Pacquiao fight on the restaurant’s tv screen. Talked about his techniques in boxing and all the like of that. After or deliche meal, we had a craving for dessert and we decided to contact a few friends to just hang around with us until the end of the night. Called up Anna and Kim to join us for dessert and we headed to this new place at Ayala, Terraces Cebu – Chocolatier! :)
The picture right on top is the dessert I had with Eric, shared this one of a wind waffle which had a filling of nuttella spread nd with a pinch of ice cream, chocolate stick, and a cherry. I forgot the name of this dessert though but it was delicious for a 188 php dessert serving. It’s one full plate so you can really say it’s worth the pay. And the taste? Ooh lala amazing! This satisfied me to my heart’s delight of ending the anniversary munch night with this. I’m sure, this is a temptation worth coming back for, at Chocolatier! :)
To end one perfect night as well I was able to meet eric’s friends who became my new found friends as well Cindy and Tonette :) Had a bottle of beer at G-spot (right on top of JCA Lahug) before heading home since I have the Cinderella curfew time everytime mom’s in Cebu. Oh well, atleast I was able to have some good time talking and getting to know with this bunch :)
Had an amazing night! :) Another count of 2 years, and I’m sure there will be more years to come for the both of us. Happy Anniversary love! I love you! :)
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